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  • 8+    OPEN, SEN C
  • 4+    SEN A, B, C, NOVICE, MASTERS, J18, MIXED
  • 4x+   J14, J16, MASTERS, NOVICE
  • 2+ OPEN
  • 2x SEN C, NOVICE, J18, J16, J15, J14
  • 1x    SEN A, B, C, NOVICE, MASTER, J18, J16, J15, J14, J13
  • All events will be offered for men and women.

Composite crews are accepted for Masters and all non-championship WEARA events.

Masters events are organised by category/handicap.

If insufficient entries are received for a particular event, entrants will be moved to race at a higher level, unless specifically requested not to do so on the entry form.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015