Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21st September 2017 at Exe Water Sports Association Clubroom at 6.30 pm.

Nominations for Directors: Any member shall have the right to make not more than one nomination, with the written consent of the candidate, for election as one of the Company Directors. Such nominations must be sent in writing so as to reach the Honorary Secretary by 14th September 2017. The committee shall also have the right to make nominations for the election of Directors without restriction to the number of nominations. All nominations must have a seconder.

Nominations for Officers: Any Member shall have the right to make nominations, with the written consent of a candidate, for election to any one or more of the Offices (President, Club Chairman, Club Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Club Captain). Such nominations shall be sent in writing so as to reach the Honorary Secretary by 14th September 2017. The committee shall also have the right to make nominations for the election of Officers to reach the Honorary Secretary by 14th September 2017.

All other Officer posts and Committee vacancies to be filled by the Club Committee as required. The positions of Welfare Officer and Junior Coordinator will be made by the Board of Directors.

Quorum: The quorum for the AGM is 5 members or 5% of the membership, whichever is the larger. Voting, including proxies, to be in accordance with the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.

  1. Welcome
  2. Receive apologies
  3. Approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 31st March 2016
  4. Matters arising from those minutes
  5. Chairman’s report for April 2016- August 2017
  6. Annual Report and financial Statements for the year ended 30th April 2017 (last year prior to Incorporation)
  7. Appointment of Auditor/Independent examiner
  8. Election of Officers
    • Chairman The Directors nomination is Mr Nigel Willmington
    • Vice-chairman
    • Honorary Treasurer                   The Directors nomination is Mr Stephen Gibson
    • Honorary Secretary                   The Directors nomination is Mrs Susan Brooks
    • Captain
    • President – The existing President, Paul Wilson, who was elected at the ERC EGM on 21st March 2017, will remain in post until the AGM in 2018
  9. Election of Directors
    • Mr David Parsons (retires by rotation but eligible for re-election)
    • Mr Paul Wilson continues as Director
    • Mr Nigel Willmington continues as Director
    • Mr Ray Grigg continues as Director
    • Mr Stephen Gibson co-opted to Board
    • Mrs Susan Brooks co-opted to Board

Proposal that Mrs Brooks and Mr Gibson are formally elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Exeter Rowing Club Ltd and that Mr David Parsons be re-elected for another term of office.

  1. Any other competent business – items of any other business to be notified to the Honorary Secretary by 14th September 2017
  2. Closing remarks.

Totnes Autumn Head 2016

Our small competitive junior group represented the Club well at Totnes Head Race alongside the senior and masters squads. A great day for the club all round. Great family support and many thanks are due to Stu and Ben for taking on towing duties.

Division 1 saw fantastic times from Phoebe Muir and Emily Vater in the WJ15 2x which they won finishing in 14th place overall (67 crews). Ed Fuller was the sole entrant in the J14 1x and finished 29th. However only the MSA single scullers beat him on time with his time 26 seconds ahead of the men’s novice winner.

Division 2 saw two more junior wins. The WJ15 4x+ saw Emily and Phoebe teaming up with Jasmine Stanbury, Abbie Johnson and cox Tom Shipton finishing first in their event just ahead of our WJ18 4+ of Bree Spivey, Molly Batchelor, Rebecca Vater, Evie Drew and cox Danielle Stuart.

Division 3 saw Jack Doble and Seb Dohany win the MJ18 2x and Emily got her third win of the day by winning the WJ15 1x. Well done Emily!

Junior Coordinator’s Report June 2017

We had five Exeter juniors in the team representing the Western region at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta held at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham on Saturday April 24th. 

Emily and Phoebe in the WJ15 2x, Ed in the J14 1x, Evie in the WJ16 8+, Fin in the J16 2x.

Fin and Jordan (Dartmouth) raced in the B final, the eight missed out on a Bronze by two tenths of a second, Ed won Bronze and Emily and Phoebe won gold. 

Well done to all of them!

Many thanks to their parents for their support (very vocal!).

As you know this year Exeter had a crew in the National Schools Regatta held at Dorney Lake.

Evie, Phoebe, Rebecca and Bree were entered in the Championship coxless quad event (for 18 year olds). It’s a prestigious event with the top crews going on to compete at Henley.

There were 27 crews in their event. This morning they all time trialled over 1500m. The girls didn’t quite make the A/B semi finals (14 fastest crews) but they did get into the C final which was raced over 2000metres. Fourth off the start they pushed through into third and then with a great last 400 metres into second. St Edwards won but the girls impressed everyone, including the commentator, with their determination. 

Brilliant team spirit girls helped by fantastic support from your parents, Emily and not forgetting Ollie (Drew). Many thanks to Kevin for trailering – and the lift to our car! Tiring for all but very satisfying too. Well done!

Well done everyone! A great start to the WEARA Regatta season from all of those who took part. Despite the horrendous but thankfully short lived downpour, deceased gazebo and the occasional zoological discoveries (crabs, lobsters etc.) great efforts from you all. 

Our newbies, competing for the first time did well and pitched in helping others all day long. I was really impressed with the way you all worked together as a team. Wonderful!


Special mention for the Paul’s – Mr Wilson, Club President (who thinks he may now have webbed feet) and Mr Spivey who took on the trailering job today. Also David wants me to thank Ollie for quietly helping all day long. Many thanks too for all the family support. What a huge contingent we had there today!


WJ16 1x Phoebe

WJ18 1x Phoebe

J13 1x Tom

J14 1x Ed

WJ18 2x Bree, Evie

WJ15 2x Abbie, Jas

WJ14 2x Ella, Frankie

J14 2x Ed, Ollie

J14 4x+ Ed, Ollie, George, Tom, cox Frankie

WJ18 4+ Evie, Molly Georgia, Bree, cox Danielle


Susan Brooks


Mens’ Squad Report – November 2016

Men’s squad continues to grow. In the past 2 months we have taken on 3 new seniors from Exeter University, all of whom have been great additions to the squad and James has been particularly helpful with coxing even while limping around with a broken foot!

Continually getting 2 solid senior fours out for water sessions as well as a gradually growing consistency from the novice seniors, turning out for an 8+ most sessions. A limiting factor here has been the availability of coxswains. But c’est la vie and members are actively trying to encourage people down to cox.

New inquiries are coming through as well – trying to steer them into getting involved with the ergo/off water sessions for the time being while we don’t have L2R courses running.


For what was my first full club event, we had a great turn out for Gloucester Autumn Head across all sections of the club.

Senior men winning in both divisions and setting course records. The quad with a mix of some of the more senior Juniors and Seniors had a blistering div 1 result setting the fastest time of the day, but encountered equipment problems in the 2nd. (N.b. Need to order replacement grips).

Representation from the masters squad as well, unfortunately classic canal conditions meant they had a closer than wanted encounter with a barge! Sue is to stand close to the start next year for better photo opportunities.

Sorry no record of times/finish orders as no results online yet!

Unfortunately due to lack of availability no racing for the Novice men.


Next upcoming race – FOURS HEAD 12th November
Senior men racing Saturday and Sunday, Junior 4x- racing Saturday.
Noted on the draw that the quad are boating from BBL and Senior crews are boating from Cygnet…query?
Racing again on the Sunday for Veteran Fours Head IM3 4+ x 2


Would love to get the novices a race! Not sure if we have enough numbers for an 8+, too soon for a 4+? Limited by availability of coxes? Is having a small selection of novices to go out on erg evenings (master’s water evenings) a solution? I am aware they have been erging a LOT recently, so would love to get them on the water with more of an aim. I will email around again to try and getting some indication of commitment.


Having noticed a lack of representation from DTARC senior squads at GRC Head, I am going to contact DTARC and inquire about the possibility of borrowing their Filippi 4+…if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Final little point, having come from DTARC where they were avid cleaners of salty river water off the boats. Would be nice if boats turned up to events having had a good wash and inspection before loading.

Ben Bryon-Edmond

British Rowing Indoor Championships 2016

Great day for our junior participants in BRIC.

Emily Vater and Ed Fuller got gold in their 500m sprint races and went on to get silver, (Emily 2/58) and bronze , (Ed 3/47) in their 5 and 4 minute tests.

Rebecca Vater had really stiff opposition having moved into the sixth form girls (WJ18) group with lots of triallists and the first three finishing under 7 minutes! Wow! Rebecca was 14/53 girls in 7.28. Lily Allen was fourth in her sprint and 5/25 in her 3 minute test.

Really well done all of you! Great effort all round. Really proud of you all.