Success at Bideford Regatta for Exeter Rowing Club

What a wonderful day Exeter Rowing Club had at Bideford on Saturday, the sun shone brightly (reflected in the range of tan lines acquired on the day) and the racing conditions were superb. Exeter’s success was a result of countless hours of training, not always in the fabulous weather that we experienced on the day.

The day started well with the Mens Senior C fours consisting of Danny Clifford, Tom Zawalnyski, Vince Simpson and Jack Doble rowing to an easy victory over the competition both in the heats and final. The Mens Junior 16 coxed quad of Matt Johnson, Nat Bonfield, Ash Scott and Ollie Wickham, cox Kate Doble put up an excellent fight resulting in third place by only two boat lengths. As a new team having only rowed together a couple of times we wait to see what the future holds for them.

The Ladies Junior 14 coxed Quad Megan Hunter, Lily Allen, Ella O’Brien, Frankie Bonfeild and cox Danielle Stuart had a flying start and held on well to a tight lead until a shipwreck meant they finished third overall.

More disappointment followed for the Ladies Junior 18 Fours, Evie Drew, Molly Batchelor, Rebecca Vater, Bree Spivey and cox Pheobe Muir after a fantastic race and initial first place they were disqualified for crossing another boats racing line. Dan Wilmington lifted our spirits by gaining third in the Mens Senior Single Sculls.

Matt Johnson and Nat Bonfield had a close race and came third in the Mens Junior 16 Double sculls. Again the Seniors lead from the beginning of the Mens Novice Fours winning by 1 ½ boat lengths, a great row by Danny Clifford, Tom Z Declan Murphy and Steve Gibson.

The Ladies junior 16 coxed Quad Abbie, Kate, Evie and Ella came a close fourth after a good race. The Mens Junior 14 coxed Quad, against stiff competition from Dart Totnes and Dartmouth, managed to hold onto their lead from the start to win. Well done Edward Fuller, Tom Shipton George Copley, Ollie Wickham and Cox Frankie. Edward and Ollie also won the Mens double junior 14 sculls and Edward also won the Mens Junior 14 single scull.

Other successes were in the Ladies Open Double Sculls where Phoebe Muir and Bree Spivey won by a good boats’ length. Phoebe continued her winning streak with a fantastic clear win in the Ladies Junior 16 single sculls against very experienced competition.

The scorching sunny weather took it’s toll on our rowers not to mention their supporters and four legged friends and we were all pleased to find some shade at the prize giving before the journey home.

Exeter Rowing club is based at Haven Banks and has 140 members It has a very successful junior section with its popular learn to row courses and with young rowers being supported by a dedicated team of volunteer coaches.

Both senior and junior crews will be on the water at the City of Exeter Regatta on 8 July . It is believed to be Exeter’s oldest sporting event and is staged in the heart of the city on the river Exe, along-side Exeter Quay. It attracts hundreds of competitors aged from 13 to 70 who take part in over 100 sprint rowing races along the 475 metre course

To continue to stage the regatta and to nurture talent , maintain equipment and promote rowing as a sport the club is always keen to hear from potential sponsors, who can contact the club via the website.

Head of the Taff – Sunday 29th January

Very well done to all those who raced and supported our crews at the Head of the Taff – especially Team KP and their parent helpers and Kevin for towing for us. The weather was horrendous with non-stop rain. No fun for all those who raced twice with little opportunity to dry out or warm up. Despite this the team had a successful day, as did the masters ladies coxed quad. All crews ‘enjoyed’ the stretch of water and won in style.

IM3 4x+ Di Parrish, Jane Silver, Kirstie Ffrench-Constant, Anne-Marie Allison, cox Chrissie Hunt

IM3 8+ Abbie Johnson, Jasmine Stanbury, Evie Drew, Molly Batchelor, Rebecca Vater, Phoebe Muir, Emily Vater, Bree Spivey, cox Danielle Stuart

IM2 4x- Evie, Molly, Rebecca, Bree

WJ16 2x Phoebe, Emily

WJ15 2x Jaz, Abbie

J14 2x Edward Fuller, Oliver Wickham

J14 1x Ed

J13 1x Tom Shipton. Well done Tom – first ever race as a sculler – excellent result!

Mens’ Squad Report – November 2016

Men’s squad continues to grow. In the past 2 months we have taken on 3 new seniors from Exeter University, all of whom have been great additions to the squad and James has been particularly helpful with coxing even while limping around with a broken foot!

Continually getting 2 solid senior fours out for water sessions as well as a gradually growing consistency from the novice seniors, turning out for an 8+ most sessions. A limiting factor here has been the availability of coxswains. But c’est la vie and members are actively trying to encourage people down to cox.

New inquiries are coming through as well – trying to steer them into getting involved with the ergo/off water sessions for the time being while we don’t have L2R courses running.


For what was my first full club event, we had a great turn out for Gloucester Autumn Head across all sections of the club.

Senior men winning in both divisions and setting course records. The quad with a mix of some of the more senior Juniors and Seniors had a blistering div 1 result setting the fastest time of the day, but encountered equipment problems in the 2nd. (N.b. Need to order replacement grips).

Representation from the masters squad as well, unfortunately classic canal conditions meant they had a closer than wanted encounter with a barge! Sue is to stand close to the start next year for better photo opportunities.

Sorry no record of times/finish orders as no results online yet!

Unfortunately due to lack of availability no racing for the Novice men.


Next upcoming race – FOURS HEAD 12th November
Senior men racing Saturday and Sunday, Junior 4x- racing Saturday.
Noted on the draw that the quad are boating from BBL and Senior crews are boating from Cygnet…query?
Racing again on the Sunday for Veteran Fours Head IM3 4+ x 2


Would love to get the novices a race! Not sure if we have enough numbers for an 8+, too soon for a 4+? Limited by availability of coxes? Is having a small selection of novices to go out on erg evenings (master’s water evenings) a solution? I am aware they have been erging a LOT recently, so would love to get them on the water with more of an aim. I will email around again to try and getting some indication of commitment.


Having noticed a lack of representation from DTARC senior squads at GRC Head, I am going to contact DTARC and inquire about the possibility of borrowing their Filippi 4+…if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Final little point, having come from DTARC where they were avid cleaners of salty river water off the boats. Would be nice if boats turned up to events having had a good wash and inspection before loading.

Ben Bryon-Edmond