Junior Coordinator’s Report – April 2017

Junior training is generally progressing well with the competitive juniors displaying good commitment to attendance and training programmes. The younger and/or less experienced juniors have been asked about their personal goals with most expressing a wish to compete this season. We will do what we can to see that this happens but at this level most will row in crew boats. The importance of committing to training at the same time and at similar levels to their peers cannot be understated. Plans are made for weekend water sessions based on expected attendance times. Unfortunately the final shape of outings often has to be adjusted at the last minute when expected crew members do not arrive. As we are now looking to planning crews for the competitive season it is really important that Sue is notified in advance (mail or text please) of planned non-attendance. (illness does not fit into timetables!)

The under 14 girls have continued to set a good example by always wearing their hi-viz tops. All juniors should have these, as per club bye laws, but unfortunately some feel that because they can see that others will see them. Coming into, hopefully, sunny weather white or bright tops are OK but for their own safety – other people must be able to see them clearly and stealth scullers wearing dark colours are not easy to spot. They are travelling quite quickly (hopefully) but backwards! Boys in particular – please take note.

Shrove Tuesday training was not warm weather – however Danielle led the group for their dynamic warm up – complete with pancakes – before the ethos and Pilates began.

Phoebe and Ed both went to Lee Valley to take part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships on 17th March. Both were extremely successful with Ed coming second (by three metres – gutted!) in the boys J14 category and Phoebe first in the girls J15 category. After the event Phoebe was given the award for the fastest girl (based on overall split) in the whole competition. As well as a trophy she was given enclosure tickets for the Boat Races on 2nd April. Really well done both of you.

On 23rd March the Club entered its first girls eight in the Schools Head, raced on the tideway from Chiswick to Putney – or so we thought. Unfortunately the wind was against the tide and so conditions were dire. After the girls had boated the race was shortened to two kilometres. Not the experience the girls had expected but nevertheless an achievement for the Club to be able to field a junior girls eight – Abbie, Jasmine, Kate, Evie, Phoebe, Molly, Rebecca, Bree and cox Danielle – well done girls! Many thanks to Kevin and Paul for taking on trailer duties and to all the parents who supported the girls. However perhaps Phoebe’s comment summed up the day “Not one of your better ideas Dave!”

On a more positive note Oliver Wickham (J14) took it upon himself to complete a marathon equivalent on a rowing machine. (3 hours, 26 minutes and 52 seconds, 42195m, average split 2.27.)

Having completed this and survived he let us know and arranged a Just Giving page for sponsorship for Comic Relief. A great individual effort for a good cause. Well done Ollie! 

Danielle Stuart has attended the first part of a BR Session Coach course having helped with coaching juniors for over a year now. She will complete the course on Easter Sunday.

Finally – good luck to the juniors who are representing the western region at the National Junior Inter Regional Regatta at NWSC, Nottingham on 22nd April. Ed in J14 1x, Emily and Phoebe in WJ15 2x, Fin (and Jordan from Dartmouth) in J16 2x and Evie who has a place in the Castledore/Wimbleball/Exeter J16 8+. Here’s to a non-windy lake…
Susan Brooks

Junior Coordinator’s Report – June 2017

We had five Exeter juniors in the team representing the Western region at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta held at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham on Saturday April 24th. 

Emily and Phoebe in the WJ15 2x, Ed in the J14 1x, Evie in the WJ16 8+, Fin in the J16 2x.

Fin and Jordan (Dartmouth) raced in the B final, the eight missed out on a Bronze by two tenths of a second, Ed won Bronze and Emily and Phoebe won gold. 

Well done to all of them!

Many thanks to their parents for their support (very vocal!).

As you know this year Exeter had a crew in the National Schools Regatta held at Downey Lake.

Evie, Phoebe, Rebecca and Bree were entered in the Championship coxless quad event (for 18 year olds). It’s a prestigious event with the top crews going on to compete at Henley.
There were 27 crews in their event. This morning they all time trialled over 1500m. The girls didn’t quite make the A/B semi finals (14 fastest crews) but they did get into the C final which was raced over 2000metres. Fourth off the start they pushed through i last 400 metres into second. St Edwards won but the girls impressed everyone, including the commentator, with their determination. 

Brilliant team spirit girls helped by fantastic support from your parents, Emily and not forgetting Ollie (Drew). Many thanks to Kevin for trailering – and the lift to our car! Tiring for all but very satisfying too. Well done!

Well done everyone! A great start to the WEARA Regatta season from all of those who took part. Despite the horrendous but thankfully short lived downpour, deceased gazebo and the occasional zoological discoveries (crabs, lobsters etc.) great efforts from you all. 
Our newbies, competing for the first time did well and pitched in helping others all day long. I was really impressed with the way you all worked together as a team. Wonderful!
Special mention for the Paul’s – Mr Wilson, Club President (who thinks he may now have webbed feet) and Mr Spivey who took on the trailering job today. Also David wants me to thank Ollie for quietly helping all day long. Many thanks too for all the family support. What a huge contingent we had there today!nielle

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks for being so organised with the wash and brush up back at the club.
Wimbleball next Saturday!

Junior Squad Report – February 2017

Very well done to all those who raced and supported our crews at the Head of the Taff on Sunday 29th January – especially Team KP and their parent helpers and Kevin for towing for us. The weather was horrendous with non-stop rain. No fun for all those who raced twice with little opportunity to dry out or warm up. Despite this the team had a successful day, as did the masters ladies coxed quad. All crews won in style.
IM3 8+ Abbie, Jaz, Evie, Molly, Rebecca, Phoebe, Emily, Bree, cox Danielle

IM2 4x- Evie, Molly, Rebecca, Bree

WJ16 2x Phoebe, Emily

WJ15 2x Jaz, Abbie

J14 2x Ed, Ollie

J14 1x Ed

J13 1x Tom
Trials for the Junior Inter Regional Regatta were held at Totnes on February 4th.   All those entering had to submit a 1500m ergo time beforehand and race over 1500m. Our crews all raced in Division 1.

Evie was part of the Castledore/Wimbleball/Exeter WJ16 8+ which was the fastest crew in Div. 1.

WJ 15 2x, Phoebe and Emily finished in 6.00

J14 1x, Ed 6.23

J16 2x, Fin & Jordan (Dartmouth) 6.18

All are to represent the western region at JIRR, Nottingham, in April. Well done everyone! Many, many thanks to Kevin – and his exetremely efficient assistant Emily – great job with the trailer!

Our core training sessions with Jane Silver are developing well with correct technique being the emphasis. Many thanks to her for helping all those who are able to attend improve their core stability in a safe manner. Hamstring stretching is also being emphasised (boys!) so apologies to parents who hopefully may come across their children lying in doorways with one leg up the door jamb.

Can I please remind all juniors to keep anti-bacterial wipes in their bags for ergo cleaning in these virus ridden months? Also they should NOT share water bottles and must remember to bring hi-viz tops if they wish to go on the water.

Unfortunately our Welfare Officer Phil was unable to meet the juniors on Sunday 15th January. Another date for a meeting will be arranged asap.

Junior Squad Report – January 2017


A great day was had by our junior participants in BRIC 2016.

Emily and Ed got gold in their 500m sprint races and went on to get silver, (Emily 2/58) and bronze, (Ed 3/47) in their 5 and 4 minute tests.

Rebecca had really stiff opposition having moved into the sixth form girls (WJ18) group with lots of triallists and the first three finishing under 7 minutes! Wow! Rebecca was 14/53 girls in 7.28. Lily was fourth in her sprint and 5/25 in her 3 minute test.

Really well done all of you! A great effort all round and we’re really proud of you all.

Christmas break with lots of home based core training planned…

Most juniors have now completed their relevant test pieces and PGM scores have been calculated. The Café Nero gold awards will be given to those who beat the system by scoring 100%+ on their tests (Emily, Phoebe and Sam). In addition to their excellent standard scores are the additional 2k scores from Emily (WJ15) 7.47, Phoebe (WJ15) 7.34.8 and Ed (J14) 7.14.

A girls eight has been going on the water on Sundays, looking towards some entries up country as the season progresses. Several entries have been made for the Head of the Taff following the necessary cancellation of our own head race. Some juniors will be attending the JIRR trials at Totnes on 4th February.

Our Welfare Officer Phil will be meeting the juniors on Sunday 15th January. She will be discussing the use and potential pitfalls of social media and making them aware of our bullying policy and grievance procedures.

Susan Brooks


Junior Squad Report – December 2016

Junior training is progressing well with our newer members showing improvement both on the water and in land training. If there was one the WJ14 group definitely would win the prepared for the water prize – hats, hi viz etc. Well done Girls

Following on from their successes at Gloucester our competitive group represented the Club well at Totnes Head Race alongside the senior and master’s squads. A great day for the Club all round. Great family support and many thanks are due to Stu and Ben for taking on towing duties.

Division 1 saw fantastic times from Phoebe and Emily in the WJ15 2x which they won finishing in 14th place overall (67 crews). Ed was the sole entrant in the J14 1x and finished 29th. However only the MSA single scullers beat him on time with his time 26 seconds ahead of the men’s novice winner.

Division 2 saw two more junior wins. The WJ15 4x+ saw Emily and Phoebe teaming up with Jasmine, Abbie and cox Tom finishing first in their event just ahead of our WJ18 4+ of Bree, Molly, Rebecca, Evie and cox Danielle.

Division 3 saw Jack and Seb win the MJ18 2x and Emily got her third win of the day by winning the WJ15 1x. Well done Emily!

Reminders have been sent out to all juniors about being prepared for the colder weather with most accepting the advice given. I have pointed out that if coaches do not consider their athletes are appropriately dressed for our activities they will be sent home. Hopefully this won’t happen! Raffle tickets have been given out and some donations for prizes have been offered.

Good luck to our four competitors at BRIC on 10th December. Lily, Ed, Emily and Rebecca are all heading off to the Olympic Velodrome and representing the Club on Saturday.

Junior Squad Report – November 2016

Our final Junior Learn to Row course this year was taken by Stu 24th -28th October. Thirteen potential juniors took part and Danielle Stuart assisted Stu throughout the week. Thanks to all those, adult and junior, who helped to make this another successful course.

Well done everyone who competed at Gloucester… some racing 1750m and some 5000m and some potential course records.
Jack, Seb and Robbie did well in their almost J18 4x-. Georgia won WIM3 4+ with the senior ladies in the morning division and raced with Hannah in the WIM 3 8+ in the afternoon. Hannah and Kate raced with the ladies Nov 8+ Division 1 and Tom and Danielle took on coxing duties for the seniors.

We also had great performances from the girlie coxless quad of Evie, Rebecca, Molly and Bree who won J18 4x- comfortably, Jaz & Abbie who won WJ15 2x, Emily with wins in WJ15 1 x and W Nov 1x, Ed who won J14 1 x and Kate & Abbie who came second in WNov 2x.
Matt and the girlie 4+ of Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree and Cox Frankie raced for time only as there were no other entries in their categories – good times from both crews.

Great to see that all that nasty stuff in the ergo room (and the extra that they do at home) pays off – good technique and fitness combined gives good results.

Many thanks to Team KP for all their help this week and to the junior Team KP members who helped considerably with trailer duties. Thanks also to Team Parents and to Stu for taking on the towing duties.

Our next competitive event will be Totnes Head with some juniors taking part in BRIC.

Sue Brooks

Junior Squad Report – October 2016

After a busy summer and a short September break the juniors began training again on September 20th.

We have welcomed in a group of new juniors who had attended Stu’s Junior Learn to Row courses in the summer. They are settling in well and already improving the skills they learned in the summer. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon sessions have 20+ juniors attending and weekend sessions can be 27/28. In addition to these juniors there are 11 juniors training in the senior squad with Stu and three juniors training with Jerry. Core sessions are now being run on Tuesday evenings by Jane Silver and Ian, Kevin and Paul, all parents of junior members, are helping out during weekend sessions.

Another Learn to Row course will be run by Stu during the October half term. It has been made clear that membership of the Club is not guaranteed following this and names may need to be submitted to a waiting list.

A junior dinner is being planned for half term at which we will celebrate their successes during the summer as well as awards for the silliest tan lines, craziest leggings, most stylish capsize etc. Exeter finished second in the overall points score for the WEARA championship regatta season (won by the Blues) largely due to the junior squad who won 52 WEARA events. We will be inviting well behaved parents and coaches to help them celebrate. More details soon.

Junior Squad Report – September 2016

The junior squad has had a very busy summer attending all but one of the WEARA regattas. Several of our juniors represented the Western Region at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta held at Nottingham in April. In May a small group of seven juniors went to Dorney for the Ball Cup South and all returned with gold medals and WJ16s with silvers as well. The WJ16 quad and Emily all went to 2016 Junior Britchamps at Nottingham and Emily won at Henley Town and Visitors. Some of the crews have had consistent success and all others have improved throughout. All crews have supported each other and had wonderful support from parents and families.

Two Junior Learn to Row courses ran from 15-19th and 22-26th August. These were run by Stu with much help from members of the junior squad. Another course is being planned to run on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings from October.

We will have a limited number of new juniors starting on 20th September 2016. Tuesday and Thursday sessions will be land training with water and land training taking place over four sessions at the weekend.

Evesham Junior Head on Saturday October 15th is being considered with definite crews joining the seniors at Gloucester Autumn Head on Sunday 30th October.
Junior training ceases on Tuesday 6th September and resumes on Tuesday September 20th

2016 Regatta successes

JIRR 23rd April

WJ16 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – fifth in final WJ15 1x Lula – silver medal
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe – silver medal

Ball Cup South 8th May

WJ16 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – silver medal WJ18 4x- Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree – gold medal WJ14 1x – Emily – gold medal
J14 2x – Ed and Phoebe – gold medal
WJ14 2x cancelled due to poor weather
Junior Sculling Regatta, Dorney 30th May
WJ15 1x Lula – bronze medal

Wimbleball 4th June

WJ14 2x Emily and Phoebe J14 2x Oliver and Ed
WJ14 1x Emily

Totnes 11th, 12th June – Club won the Victor Ludorum for visiting crews

WJ16 2x Rebecca, Bree
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
WJ15 4x+ Kate, Evie, Emily, Phoebe, Abby
Nov 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Rebecca, Bree, cox Abby Sunday – championships
WJ16 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Rebecca, Bree, Abby WJ14 4x+ Frankie, Jasmine, Emily, Phoebe, Abby WJ14 1x Emily

Plymouth 18th June

6 crews, 6 wins.
WJ16 4x+ of Bree, Rebecca, Molly and Evie. WJ15 4x+ of Phoebe, Emily, Evie and Kate. WJ16 2x of Bree and Rebecca
WJ14 2x of Phoebe and Emily
WJ14 1x Emily
J13 1x Ed
In addition to this Abby rowed bow in the ‘United Nations’ crew who raced Totnes in the WO 8+ and won. She then coxed the Plymouth MO 8+ which raced Totnes and won.

Exeter 9th July

MNov 1x Robbie
MJ18 4+ Jack D, Jack T, Robbie, Chad, Eleanor WJ16 4x+ Bree, Rebecca, Molly, Evie, cox Abby WJ16 2x Bree, Rebecca
WJ15 2x Evie, Kate
WJ15 1x Evie
WJ14 2x Phoebe, Emily
WJ14 1x Phoebe
MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
WJ16 1x Lula
WJ18 2x Lula & Poppy

Junior British Championships 15/16/17th July

On Friday Emily competed along with 77 others in the new, somewhat weird, Omnium event which involved lots of drills etc., racing 500 metres in her single and 750 metres in a scratch quad. She had to take part in this in order to be allowed to race up an age group on Saturday in the WJ15 1x over 2000 metres. She finished eighth in the time trial (31 entries) and fourth in the B final.
On Saturday the girl’s quad of Evie, Molly, Rebecca Vater and Bree Spivey came fifth in the WJ16 4x- time trial over 2000 metres. On Sunday they raced in an AB semi-final coming second and gaining a place in the A final. They came fourth in this – an excellent result!
Henley Town and Visitors 30th July
WJ14 1x Emily

Falmouth 23rd August – club won the Victor Ludorum for visiting crews

WN 4x+ Georgia, Hannah, Sophie, Kate, cox Danielle S WJ16 4x+ Phoebe, Rebecca, Molly, Evie, Abby
WJ16 2x Emily, Rebecca
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
J14 2x Ed, Ollie J13 1x Ed
Danielle coxed two Castledore eights after being asked by Jess Newson (ex Castledore & Exeter – currently Washington State Uni). The ladies won.

Paignton 13th August

WNov 2x Abby, Danielle S
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Rebecca, Molly, Bree, Abby WJ16 2x Rebecca, Bree
WJ15 4x+ Emily, Phoebe, Evie, Kate, Frankie WJ14 2x Phoebe, Emily
WJ14 1x Phoebe
MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
J13 1x Ed
Appledore & Instow 14th August – not attended Torbay Torbay Regatta 20th August – cancelled

Dartmouth 25th August

WNov 2x Abby, Danielle S
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Molly, Rebecca, Bree
WJ14 4x+ Frankie, Jaz, Emily, Phoebe, Abby J14 4x+ Ed, Ollie, Phoebe, Toby, Danielle S WJ16 2x Emily, Bree
WJ14 2x Emily, Phoebe
WJ14 1x Emily
Bideford 28th August
WJ16 4x+ Evie, Molly, Phoebe, Bree, Abby MJ14 2x Ed, Ollie
MNov 1x Robbie
WJ14 1x Phoebe