Coach & Volunteer

We are incredibly fortunate to have a large number of active coaches in our club, many of whom have extensive experience gained from rowing or coxing at national and international level.

We actively encourage coaches to gain Rowing Education Awards, and provide support to those that are able to volunteer their time at the club.

Are you interested in Coaching at Exeter RC? If you'd like to help us by coaching or volunteering please get in contact.

"I'm constantly astounded and impressed by the hard work, goodwill and dedication of our coaches and volunteers. They all do a fantastic job and quite simply our club couldn't operate without them."
sam coaching

We are a volunteer-led organisation, lots of individuals choose to donate their time to helping our club grow, succeed and champion the sport of Rowing in the South-west. If you'd like to help us manage and run Exeter RC, or volunteer your time in any way we'd love to hear from you, so please do get in contact.