Boat House Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all club boats and related equipment is kept in good order

Key Activities

  • Gather information from members about damage to boats and related equipment and ensure that it is correctly reported
  • Carry out or direct repairs to club boats.
  • Advise the Treasurer of required purchases required for repairing boats
  • Keep an accurate record of all purchases made via the Treasurer
  • Manage a repair float in consultation with the Treasurer.
  • Manage the racking and storage space in the boathouse
  • Respond to members’ requests for racking of private boats as and when required and liaise with the membership secretary regarding racking fees and allocation of racks
  • Advise the committee on the on the replacement of boats and related equipment when required
  • Ensure the boat house is maintained in a tidy and usable state