Men’s’ Vice-Captain

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Deputise for the captain as and when required
  • With information gained from Men’s squad, advise the Captain on the equipment needs of the club

Key Activities

  • Support Club Captain in club activities and Captain’s responsibilities
  • Attend WEARA meetings alongside the Captain
  • Establish communication with men’s coaches
  • Work with men’s coaches to manage the Men’s’ squad and training
  • In support of the Captain be the person members approach should they have any issues at the club and ensure these issues are dealt with where appropriate
  • Ensure that any safety concerns, accidents or incidents are captured without delay, managed in accordance with BR guidance and if appropriate, brought to the attention of the Management team or Club Safety Advisor.
  • To report the outcome of races (using the new click report) to the PR team at the end of the race day).  If the men’s vice-captain is not attending, they are to delegate this job to a member of their squad who is attending the race event to inform the PR team.