Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage Exeter Rowing Club accounts and ensure they are audited
  • Ensure the ERC committees are aware of the current financial status of the club and advise of money available for future spending requirements
  • Provide the Management Committee with monthly financial reports
  • Ensure the ERC bills are paid as required
  • Prepare an annual budget for the club and recommend the level of membership subscription

Key Activities

  • Measure and analyse the financial performance of the club against the agreed budgets and report on it to both Management and General Committee meetings
  • Look after payment and renewal of all insurance and any fees to regulatory bodies
  • Prepare an annual budget for presentation to the club membership at the AGM
  • Prepare accounts and arrange an annual audit
  • Ensure all creditors are paid
  • Resolve financial problems
  • Ensure the club rules and bye-laws are abided by
  • To represent the views and present the financial needs of Exeter Rowing Club to Exeter Water Sports Association.