Safety Adviser


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide advice to the club committee and club leadership on all matters relating to safety as appropriate.
  • Undertake inspections and audits if requested to do so by the club and provide feedback to the club committee.
  • Work with the club committee and the leadership of the club to develop and maintain the club Safety Plan, Safety Rules and Emergency Response Plan.
  • Have completed the Advanced Risk Assessment Training.
  • Be willing to be a member of the Club Committee.


Key activities:

  • Be familiar with the guidance provided in RowSafe.
  • Ensure the completion of the annual safety audit for the club.
  • Undertake Safety Reviews of the club’s activities and facilities.
  • Promote and monitor Incident Reporting within the club and the reporting of all incidents to British Rowing.
  • Periodically (perhaps annually) analyse the club’s reported incidents to identify any common issues and trends and initiate action to address any opportunities for improvement.
  • Lead or facilitate Incident Investigations as necessary.
  • Lead or facilitate the completion and review of the club’s Risk Assessment.
  • Use the Risk Assessment to identify required safety rules.
  • Attend local and regional safety meetings.
  • Work with the Regional Rowing Safety Adviser.
  • Work with other water and land users on safety as required