Take a peek around our website to find out more about the opportunities we provide, our club or about learning to row. If you’re looking to join Exeter RC we offer several types of memberships and payment plans. The details of our membership types can be found on our membership plans list we also provide a choice of ways to pay. If you have rowed before, or you have completed a Learn to Row course with us you can complete the membership form embedded below to join. Please be aware that all members must also hold current British Rowing membership, details of the level of British Rowing required may be found on our membership list.

"I joined Exeter RC this year. I've been a member of other boat clubs and a Junior Rower at school. The coaching and support has been fantastic, Exeter really helps you grow as an individual as well as an athlete."

Complete the form below to Join, If you’re new to the sport take a look at our Learn to Row courses first. If you’re returning to the sport or joining from another club we suggest getting in contact, before joining, via email or through social media to discuss your expectations and how the club can support you