Ways to Pay

Payment Terms

Please pay invoice within 21 days of receipt.

If you are unable to pay, please speak to the Membership Secretary or Treasurer.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit

The preferred method of payment is via Direct Debit. If you would like to set up a mandate please complete the form available at https://manage.directli.co.uk/pay/co/GEN9241123705

If you wish to amend or cancel an existing mandate, please email treasurer@exeterrowingclub.com.

Please note that cancelling a mandate does not constitute a membership cancellation and that you will continue to be liable for invoices issued until your current membership expires or the membership secretary acknowledges the end of your membership. For more information please review the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Debit or Credit Card via Stripe 

Please use the “Pay Now” link contained within the original invoice, if you cannot find your original invoice please contact treasurer@exeterrowingclub.com so the invoice can be reissued.


Please had this to either the Treasurer, Membership Secretary or Entries Secretary.


All cheques should be payable to Exeter Rowing Club. Cheques should be handed to either the Treasurer, Membership Secretary or Entries secretary, or leave behind the Bar. Cheques left behind the bar are done so at your own risk.

Bank Transfer

Please transfer the full amount due to the details contained on your invoice or statement of account. Please use the invoice number as the reference if you would like it applied to a specific invoice, or your name if it should be applied to your outstanding balance. If you are paying for another member please ensure that the name is clear. The club will not accept responsibility for any errors that occur as the result of ambiguous bank transfers.