We Need Your Old Textiles!

Can you help us fundraise for Exeter Rowing Club ?

As it’s half term next week it’s a good time to look through your clothes, airing cupboards, cars, rag boxes, sewing piles etc & donate any material items you don’t want to keep, to us!

We need material in any condition…good, ripped or stained clothes, coats, sheets, blankets, towels, in fact, anything material (but not quilts/duvets or pillows). We can then pass it all onto Paperchain (a local Recycling company) & they will pay us £200 per ton & that’s why we need ALL of you to help; please get looking now & ask ALL your friends, family, neighbours & work colleagues to contribute! Last time we gave them 50 good sized dustbin bags & it raised £80 so we need lots of donations.

Please bring any items in bags to the Rowing Club by 10th March 2014 & we’ll arrange for them to be collected by Paperchain.

Any questions re. any of this please ring me on 0774 9395772 Katrina May or ask Sue Brooks on 07715 171768.

P.S If you have any handbags/buttons that you don’t use please pass those onto us as well…Thank-you!