Rowing is a truly inclusive sport. It’s fun, friendly, addictive and it’s never been easier to have a go! We offer two types of Learn to Row courses: Junior and Adult.

Adult Learn to Row

We teach the basic technique and Rowing knowledge needed to start in the sport, we’ll increase your confidence, boost and hone your fitness, and provide a route into competitive or recreational rowing. The course takes place over 10 Weeks with 2-3 sessions per week (Saturday afternoon, Tuesday or Thursday Evening).

Junior Learn to Row

This course is aimed at juniors aged 11-18 to participate in all things rowing. The course takes place during the school holidays from 9am-4am, Mon-Fri. Participants will spend the majority of their time on the water in single sculls, mixed doubles or quads. They will spend sessions on the rowing machine and will also take part in circuits. We put a strong emphasis on learning good technique, this helps to prevent injuries and also ensures a solid understanding of the sport. Sport should be lots of fun, and of course, we aim to deliver this too!

Learn to Cox

Cox's are an integral part of the success of many of the clubs larger boats. A good cox can make the difference between having an enjoyable outing or not getting out at all. We welcome coxes throughout the year but run specific courses for those new to the sport, or wanting to develop their knowledge of the skills required, or the water the club regularly rows on.