Membership Terms & Conditions

By joining Exeter Rowing Club, or attending Exeter Rowing Club Events, Outings and Social events you confirm that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. All subscriptions are due on 1st April, the beginning of the Club’s membership year and are payable on demand. A reduction is applied to fees payed before the 1st May after which the higher rate is applied.
  2. It is the responsibility of members with private bots kept or used at the club to ensure that they are properly insured and licensed. The club takes no responsibilities for any damage to privately owned boats.
  3. All ages are determined on the 1st April
  4. To qualify as a junior you must be under 18 at the start of the membership year.
  5. Associate and non-rowing members may not use Club equipment, boating facilities or vote at the AGM.
  6. Applications for membership where the use of the Club facilities commences during the rowing year shall be reduced proportionally from the full fee after 31st December. The reduction will date from the time Club facilities are first used not from the date subs are paid.
  7. Terms and conditions of membership including rates of subscription, method and timing of payments are subject to change in accordance with the conditions, rules and of the club.
  8. On paying your subscription you are rejoining the Club for another year. By doing so you will be acknowledging that information provided by you will be retained on a computer. Data will only be used in circumstances such as:
    1. The printing of a membership list for use by the Committee Members, Officers and Coaches of the club for the sole purpose of running the club.
    2. Affiliation membership disclosures to British Rowing and Exeter Water Sports Association.
    3. The day to day management of the club, its assets, members and finances
    4. The information will not be passed on to a third-party organisation without express permission being sought.
  9. Membership constitutes your irrevocable agreement that the Club is within the terms of the Data Protection Act and any related legislation in so far as the information held about you by the Club is concerned. You are welcome to ask the committee at any time for a copy of your personal information held by the Club.
  10. Members must report any damage to boats, equipment and facilities. Members will be liable for the first fifty pounds of any repair incurred and may be liable for other costs if the rowing committee deems that member negligent.
  11. Only Club members may use Club equipment or the Club’s facilities, unless a member has written permission from the committee stating otherwise. Any damage or third party liability incurred by the guest of a member will be the responsibility of that member.
  12. If you row at night without lights you are liable to be suspended from membership by the Committee.